Love And Intimacy

How Is The Level Of Love And Intimacy In Your Relationship

Couple Intimacy

Are you currently in love? Maybe you’re engaged and soon to be married, or you’ve been hitched for years. Either way, people have so many misconceptions when it comes to love and relationships. Intimacy is only part of true love, and the foundation of true love must be there in order for a relationship to truly thrive. How is your current relationship holding up?

If you are looking for advice on how to focus on a healthy, loving relationship with your partner, look no further. Trust must be established and of course that means you and your partner must be honest with each other. You can love someone without trusting them, but the relationship isn’t going to work out without trust.

On top of trust being established, communication is also extremely important. Not only do you want a good open line of communication, but you want to be able to share everything with your partner, right? People do keep secrets, but most people who have trusting relationships with their partners, don’t have many secrets, if any. Of course, there are also plenty of unhealthy relationships out there.

If you’re looking for more intimacy in your relationships, all of those foundations must be in place first That will make intimacy much easier, as you will develop a closeness with your partner that you otherwise could not have. Intimacy in a relationship isn’t just about physical contact as you can see.

Of course, women seem to have an easier time expressing their emotions. Each relationship is unique and there are going to be things that you realise you and your partner need to work on as you read through this. Furthermore, relationships are never perfect, which is where true love comes into play. How much do you make sacrifices for your partner?

Now, I’m not talking about the sacrifices that come from co-dependent relationships. I’m talking about sacrifices that are based on true love. You want your partner to be happy and your partner wants you to be happy. Listen, relationships are a two way street, so it could be that no matter what you do, the relationship you’re looking at might not work. You have to decide based on what you know about true love, relationships, intimacy and more whether or not you have the real thing. If you do, enjoy it and continue to grow your love for one another.