Love Health Benefits

Health Benefits Of Being In Love

Healthy Lovers

There is no other feeling on earth like the feeling of being in love. The butterflies, the constant grin, the toe-curling whenever he or she sends you a message, it’s a marvellous time in anyone’s life. This article will focus on the happiness of being in love and the benefits of that emotion, providing information on the different health benefits of being in love.

Increasing The Immune System

Studies have shown that people who are have positive engagement with a romantic partner, or any partner really, are more likely to have high functioning immune systems. Senior director of research and development at eHarmony, Dr G. Gonzaga, indicated that people who have more positive conflict resolution will display healthier relationships and bodily functioning.

Improved Cardiac Functioning

Research has also found that positive engagement can reduce stress levels. This is beneficial for our mental state, but it also improves cardiovascular health. It has been seen that people who are in unstable, conflicted relationships are at a higher risk for heart attacks; hence the term ‘heartbroken’.

Improving Levels Of Fitness

Due to the increase in obesity, the issue of weight loss and fitness has become highly significant for many people in contemporary society. Unfortunately, losing weight and becoming fit can be difficult and tiresome, especially if you prefer lounging on the sofa to working out at a gym. Thankfully, love is a method of improving fitness levels without walking on that treadmill by yourself.

Studies have shown that couples in love will actually enjoy attending gym sessions because they are spending time together. Furthermore, couples who exercise together have shown more success than individuals exercising alone.

Clearing Away The Acne

Being in love has always been associated with a healthy glow. Is this a phrase to taunt those who walk around with a grin on their face? No, in fact it is not. Dermatologists state that being in love reduces stress levels which lower the cortisol levels on the face. It is high cortisol that contributes to pimples and acne; therefore, love can clear away the pimple problem.

Final Words On The Matter

Love. Love. Love. Is it worth falling in love despite the risk of a broken heart in the future? By reading the health benefits listed above, you can make that decision for yourself.